Commonwealth Cardinal Foundation, Inc.®
"Dedicated care and support for our United States Military Veterans and their families."
"We, at CCFI, do not dream about a future . . . we build one."
  Mr. Richard H. Taylor
  Founder, Chairman, CEO

Who we are

"Our Vision, Mission and Promise focuses on healthcare and housing for our United States Military Veteran population and children in need."

Our objective is providing a wide range of services for our veteran population. As you can imagine this requires a holistic approach to a complex matrix of demographics and human issues by working in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs through Secretary Robert Wilkie’s office.

Commonwealth Cardinal Foundation, Inc.® is committed to finding solutions to the complex problems of providing multifaceted medical care, rehabilitative services, short and long-term housing for our veterans and their families and surrounding communities.

We believe veterans having honorably served and protected this country deserve an opportunity for rehabilitation, healing, job training and job placement while residing in an environment that fosters health and wellness and encourages community and social experiences for our veterans, their families and the American public.

Through innovative design and development of our well-located created campuses, we provide such an environment. These communities will be state-of-the-art both in terms of services offered and data collected while providing the latest technologies to help enhance a sustainable community infrastructure.

Health, wellness, transportation, education and job training are our objectives, and we encourage the general population of primary adults and boomers alike to live, work and enjoy all the services offered in our communities where the benefits are designed specifically for community participation.

We create environments where our veterans can share their experiences during treatment and rehabilitation. This strengthens our veteran community and reintroduces our veterans back into the general population so they may regain their place as accepted and productive members of society.

For those veterans that require long term care the foundation is committed to providing state-of-the-art long term care facilities in each of its master planned communities.

Our Vision

"Commonwealth Cardinal Foundation, Inc.® believes that all people have equal value."

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Our Mission

"To create a comprehensive living environment that strengthens the quality of living for our military veterans and their families, honoring them for their service and commitment to our country and for defending our American way of life."

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Our Pledge

"To serve United States Military Veterans and their families during times of need and to strengthen their generations to come."

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